Giving a Loan

Do you have a thing for women, girls and LBTIQ+?

“I definitely have some money left over at the moment and would like to give it to filia. But what if I still need something for myself?” This or something similar is what we heard again and again from our community of supporters. Many women are concerned about poverty in old age and the unpredictable – and rightly so. That’s why we at filia have developed a new format: the filia_loan.

Give today for women’s rights

From 10,000 euros, you can give filia an interest-free loan. The money flows into our foundation capital. The fund can work with this money and receives interest income, which in turn flows into our work and support projects.
The conditions between you and the fund are regulated in a loan agreement. This can be terminated again if necessary and you will receive the loan back.

As a fund, filia does not have to pay taxes on income, invests the money sustainably and ecologically, and can finance further project work with the 2 to 3 % interest income.

Learn more about our sustainable investment strategy. »

Your Contacts

Are you curious and want to learn more about the filia_loans? We look forward hearing from you.


Lizzy Wazinski
Executive Director
+49 (0)40 380 381 99-0


Constanze Claus
Communications & Fundraising, Deputy Executive Director
+49 (0)40 380 381 99-5