Donate to Women’s and LBTIQ+ Rights!

You want to Support Women, Girls and LBTIQ+ longterm?

Do you want your donation to filia to remain “forever” for the projects of and for women, girls and LBTIQ+? An endowment donation flows into the capital of the fund. filia invests this capital according to the criteria of its investment guidelines in a sustainable, ecological and socially compatible manner. With the income generated in this way, the fund implements its work mission.

Your contribution increases the capital and the community of our female founders. Women whose endowment has been accepted by the executive board become part of filia’s general meeting:

  • From 5,000 euros you are a voting founder for three years,
  • from 20.000 euros for ten years,
  • from 50.000 euros life-long.

At the general meeting, you can have a say in shaping the work of the fund. There, every three years, the founders elect the seven women of the foundation board – the highest decision-making body at filia. As a founder, you will also receive filia_news four times a year and will be invited to our events.

Your endowment is tax deductible

Endowments of up to one million euros are tax-deductible in Germany. The tax deductibility can be spread over ten years. Endowments to filia are exempt from inheritance and gift tax if the assets are transferred to a foundation within two years of inheritance or receipt of the gift.

Your Contacts

Are you interested in filia and considering an endowment? We look forward to hearing from you.


Lizzy Wazinski
Executive Director
+49 (0)40 380 381 990


Constanze Claus
Communications and Fundraising
+49 (0)40 380 381 992