filia General Meetings

filia invites women* and girls* to join in the discussion and to have their say. In this way, different experiences and perspectives come together. An important place for this is our annual meeting: every year in summer, donors, supporters and women* from all committees, the advisory boards and the filia team meet. We report on successes and challenges of the past year, on grantee projects that come to life through stories, videos and photos. We discuss, we make plans for the future.

filia General Meetings

General Meeting 2020 – It also works virtually

Our understanding of the filia’s annual meeting has always been: We want to connect and exchange, establish and deepen personal contacts, “feel” the filia community. The diversity of our supporters enriches our community. It is elementary for all of us to experience this diversity personally. But how do we do this when a face-to-face encounter fails? Does this connection and experience also work virtually? Thanks to Covid-19, we had no choice but to try it. So we were all the more delighted to welcome more than 60 women* to their screens for our annual meeting on June 13, 2020. Some of them were actually at an annual meeting for the first time, although they have been part of the circle of supporters for a long time. So the virtual event even had an advantage: it included women* who otherwise would not have been able to arrange participation or who shied away from a long journey to Hamburg.

During the two-hour event, we welcomed three new endowment donors and a new member of the foundation board. In addition, four new employees of the filia office introduced themselves. New projects were also presented: the Empowerment Program for Refugee Women* as well as the cooperation with WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe). There were highlights from the 2019 grantees and a preview of filia’s birthday on June 12, 2021.

General Meeting 2019

In the rooms of the GLS Bank branch in Hamburg, we floated above the city: a total of almost 50 supporters, committee women* and employees of filia came together on 15.06.2019 for the annual meeting to look back as well as forward: What did the fund for women* and girls* accomplish in the past year? What future plans open new doors for us? And very importantly for our work: which new women* will help determine strategy and grantmaking in the future?

Some of these new women* introduced themselves at the annual meeting: The new foundation board was elected as scheduled. It consists of seven people, three women* who were re-elected and four new members. The retiring members were duly bade farewell, the new ones welcomed, as was the new, third female board member.

After reports on various grants and collaborations, a change matrix was presented, which makes aspects of change understandable and impact measurable. It is a means for filia to evaluate results of grantee projects.

General Meeting 2018

One of the focal points of the 2018 annual meeting was the corporate cooperation with Benefit Cosmetics, which was launched this year. The campaign Bold is beautiful ran in May, and many people had contributed to making filia better known during that month. For a feminist fund, a cooperation with a cosmetics company is a challenge. Here, two worlds collide that otherwise tend to stay out of each other’s way. The opinion of those directly involved was unanimous: they experienced that the empowerment of young women* was and is always in the foreground of this collaboration. Benefit employees* were enthusiastic about filia’s work and that they themselves felt comfortable in their role as advocates* for women’s* rights.

In addition, the working group gender-sensetive presented its work. The ensuing discussion was quite controversial: How far does filia want to open up to other genders? Is the exclusion of men* still in keeping with the times? And is it not more a matter of finding allies among all genders and at social levels?

General Meeting 2017

From the demystification of money to the ‘myth of the hymen’, the thematic spectrum of the annual meeting 2017 had quite a range. 55 supporters, donors, lenders, committee members and employees gathered in Hamburg on June 10 to learn about the work of the past year. Among others, our 68th endowment donor as well as the new member of the foundation board were welcomed.

General Meeting 2016 – filia turns 15

15 years of filia – and all in one boat. The weather was kind to the filia community.

We celebrated the 15th anniversary of the fund: first at a lively meeting with many impressions from grantee projects. And later in the evening with music and dancing. Our DJane and foundation board member Gotelind Alber had chosen just the right rhythms. In between, there was plenty of opportunity on the boat trip to exchange ideas, relax and enjoy the scenery of the Hamburg shore.

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filia General Meetings

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