filia.die frauenstiftung turns 20!
Transforming money, empowering women and changing the world

filia celebrates its 20th anniversary

In 2001 the first women’s foundation in Germany to support women* and girls* worldwide was born


Hardware from software: filia says thank you!

What connects a software company with a feminist fund?


filia’s Girls’ Advisory Board

In filia’s Girls‘ Advisory Board young women* and girls* become decision-makers. It was awarded PHINEO Seal.


Networks and Memberships

Through our participation in national and international networks we connect the local with the global perspective.


Sustainable Investment Strategy

filia’s investement strategy and investment guidelines aim to ensure social justice…


Empowerment-Program for Refugee Women*

Within this program, filia gives funding to groups and projects that are self-led by refugee …

Motives of our Female Founders

filia.die frauenstiftung – Empowering Women* and Girls*

  • "It became clear to me that foundations that address the specific problems of women and are financially supported by them rank at the very bottom of the foundation scale. Given the distribution of property and income in society, this is not surprising, and yet this inequality annoys me ..."

    Gabriele Teckentrup
    Gabriele Teckentrup Female Founder
  • "For me, fundraising is political work and social commitment. And that's where I'm partisan for women."

    Ise Bosch
    Ise Bosch Founding Member
  • "Together with my husband I have a son, together with a group of women I have a daughter: filia. Not to give charity, but to promote social change, justice!"

    Susanne Bächer
    Susanne Bächer Founding Member