filia’s Self-commitment for the Transparent Civil Society Initiative

1. Name, Registered Office, Address and Founding Year

filia.die frauenstiftung
Alte Königstr. 18
22767 Hamburg

» Imprint
» History and Vision

2. Complete Statutes as well as the Goals of our Organization

» Statutes (PDF/only available in German)
» Strategic Plan

Our 4 roles in which we implement the goals are also defined there:
1. As Grantmaker: filia’s grantmaking
2. As Investor: filia invests sustainably
3. As Advocat: e.g. in our Networks, at events and in publications
4. As Fundraiser: supporting filia

3. Information about the Tax Benefit

filia is tax-privileged according to the last notice of exemption we received from the tax office Hamburg-Nord-17 because of the promotion of international development and the promotion of equal rights for women and men.
» Notice of Exemption (PDF/only available in German)

4. Foundation Management, Name and Function of Key Decision-Makers

» Foundation Board
» Executive Board
» Team

5. Report on the Activities of our Fund

» Annual reports (only available in German)
» Veröffentlichungen
» Projects archive (only available in German)

6. Personnel structure

Team at the office: filia has 9 salaried employees (1 full-time, 8 part-time between 20 and 35 h/weekly), interns occasionally.

All women and girls who serve on boards or working groups work on a voluntary basis or for a small expense allowance:
foundation board (7)
executive board (3)
Girls’ Advisory Board (12)
Advisory Board for Refugee Women* (10)
Members of the General Meeting (Stand 16.03.2023: 76)

7. Information on the Source of Funds: Information on all Revenues

» Annual Reports (only available in German)

8. Information on the Use of Funds: Information on the Use of all Revenues

» Income and Expenditure Overview (only available in German)
» Net Assets and Financial Position (only available in German)

9. Affiliation under company law with third parties, e.g. parent company or subsidiary, sponsoring association, outsourced business operation, partner organization


10. Payments from individuals and legal entities exceeding 10% of the total annual budget

One donation was more than 10% of the total budget.

filia’s Self-Commitment