Donate for Projects by and for Women, Girls and LBTIQ+

Your donations flow directly into our funding activities and fund’s work. filia.die frauenstiftung strengthens women, girls and LBTIQ+ and their projects that work for freedom from violence and participation.

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Donations for Joyful Occasions

“Celebrate the feasts as they fall!” There are many joyful occasions. Are you celebrating a milestone birthday, wedding or company anniversary and want to do something good for women’s rights at the same time? Ask your guests for donations to filia instead of gifts!

Donations in case of death

To honor a lifelong commitment to women’s rights, the funeral service can be arranged in the spirit of the deceased. Instead of sending flowers and funeral wreaths, mourners can be asked to donate to filia. In this way, the donations set a sign for the life of the deceased.

How do the donations come to filia?

Please inform us if you are planning a fundraiser for filia! It is important to agree on a clear purpose with us, e.g. “Birthday donation for Irmgard L.” or “In memory of Maria von B.”. You then inform your guests of this and our account details. In this way, each individual person will receive a donation receipt from us (if they donate from a Germany).

Your donation for women, girls and LBTIQ+ is tax deductible

filia is recognized as a charitable foundation. This means that all your donations to filia – one-off and regular donations as well as endowments – are of course tax-deductible as special expenses, if you donate from a German banking account and if you have a German residence. Donations to filia are additionally tax-deductible up to 20 percent of the total income. The donation deduction can be carried forward indefinitely, so it can be claimed for tax purposes even years later (in the case of a large donation).
Please remember to include your address with the transfer so that we can send you the certificate!

Our Donations Account

GLS Bank Bochum
IBAN DE11 4306 0967 0300 2001 00

Your Contacts

You want to learn more about the topic of donations? Or do you have questions about how you can best support our work? We look forward to hearing from you.


Constanze Claus
Communications & Fundraising, Deputy Executive Director
+49 (0)40 380 381 992


Rebecca Bartusch
Communications & Fundraising
+49 (0)40 380 381 993