filia Foundation Board

According to its statutes, the foundation board is to be (re)elected every three years. A search committee looks for suitable women* and invites them to apply for vacant seats on the foundation board. Re-election is only permitted twice in total. The next foundation board will be elected in 2022.

The women* of the foundation board work on a voluntary basis and determine the policy and strategy of filia and decide twice a year on the allocation of grants. They are supported in this by working groups: the Advisory Board for Refugee Women* and filia’s Girls’ Advisory Board.


filia Foundation Board

Chair: Gotelind Alber

Born in Weinstadt.
Graduate physicist. Active as policy advisor and researcher in the field of energy and climate policy with a focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy, multi-level governance, gender and climate justice. Over 25 years of professional and leadership experience in municipal, national and international energy and climate change policy, gender and development cooperation. Self-employed since 2006.

“The more I get to know filia, the more I like who and why receives grants and the contexts in which this all happens. That tempts me to get more involved! I have been involved with women*’s rights for many years, first in the fields of science, technology and energy, and for some years now in climate policy. My vision is that international funds, for example from the Green Climate Fund, which is currently being established, should benefit women* more. Funds like filia and their networks can play a crucial role in this, and I would like to contribute to this.”

filia Foundation Board

Sophie Ali Bakhsh Naini

Born in Frankfurt/Main.
Studies in cultural and social sciences in Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder. Since 2019, she has been working for the social enterprise Citizens for Europe, since 2020 in the area of Diversity Decides – Diversity in Leadership. She is also a freelance trainer for diversity-oriented opening with a focus on racism criticism.

filia Foundation Board

Daniela Rastetter

Born in Germany.
Studies in German and political science. Involvement in women*’s groups, peace initiatives and as a mentor for girls* and young women*. Many years of work as a journalist and manager in the media sector. Freelance systemic coach and independent consultant.

“Gender-based disadvantages and approaches to overcoming injustice have been on my mind since I was a student. That’s why I’m very happy to work with filia, because it supports concrete women’s* and girls’* projects and achieves visible results in regions where the empowerment of women* and girls* is particularly necessary. But also the consideration of diversity among women* (sexual identity, social origin, education, age, etc.) is a goal of filia that I strongly support.”

filia Foundation Board

Dr. Dana Jirous

Born in Cologne.
Studies in political science in Berlin, Paris, St. Petersburg, doctorate in Leipzig. Since 2005 staff member at OWEN – Mobile Academy for Gender Democracy and Peacebuilding e.V.. Main topics: Feminist peace work, cooperation with Eastern Europe, especially post-Soviet space, biographical-historical approaches to political education.

“filia.die frauenstiftung inspires me because filia supports women* in becoming agents of change in their respective societies. This change begins at filia itself, with women* of different generations, origins and backgrounds making joint decisions about filia’s focus and support. Questioning the distribution of resources and power relations together, thinking anew and living differently – that’s what I’m committed to as well.”

filia Foundation Board

Dani Parthum

Born in Limbach.
Raised in the GDR, textile worker, radio trainee, studied business administration, economics and political science in Bochum and Glasgow, graduated in 1998 with a degree in economics, trained as a financial investment specialist in 2016. 25 years of experience as a radio business journalist, reporter, feature writer, presenter mainly for ARD and NDR Info. Financial blogger with passion. Expert on banks and “bad banks”, causes of financial crises, monetary policy, (sustainable) investments, HSH Nordbank. Since 2016 self-employed as money coach for women* and online entrepreneurs under the brand Geldfrau. Founding member of the citizens’ movement Finanzwende e.V.

“Transforming money, empowering women*, changing the world – I share these goals of filia. They are also mine. A large part of the wealth in our world is created by women* without them being able to dispose of it. I would like to use my knowledge and experience to help filia change that. So that more money flows into women* hands and with it the power to shape the world the way women* see fit. So that there is more togetherness, humanity and equal opportunities in the world.”

filia Foundation Board

Karin Stellwaag

Born in Stuttgart.
Studies in art history and empirical cultural sciences in Tübingen, worked as a freelance journalist in the field of art and culture.
Trained as a real estate specialist and since then has worked as a self-employed entrepreneur in the real estate industry, mainly in the management and administration of commercial and retail properties. For more than 30 years voluntary work in various organizations, most of them with a focus on women*.

I am committed to filia because, for me, the fundoundation is an outstanding opportunity for women to show solidarity with other women, far beyond the borders of Germany. It is wonderful to see how and where women are actively involved in changing their lives, their roles and thus part of society. “Change not Charity” is the attitude I identify with – empowerment and participation, rights and justice, support and solidarity of women and men for a better future.