filia celebrates its 20th anniversary

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In 2001, nine women* pooled their knowledge and capital – the first women’s fund in Germany to support women* and girls* worldwide was born. This June, filia celebrates its 20th anniversary and has grown to become the largest women’s foundation in Germany with a capital of over 16 million. The nine founders* opted for the model of a community foundation – still unusual at the time. They did not want to perpetuate themselves as individuals, but rather to bring together ideas and resources that were accessible to many. More than 70 founders* and numerous sponsors* have contributed to filia supporting over 530 projects with and by women* and girls* in 51 countries.
Feminist power for the summer

Since we can’t celebrate the glittering birthday party, which we feel should take place in direct contact, until 2022, we have thought up digital anniversary activities. Check our website from time to time and visit us on social media. There, over the summer, we’ll be featuring women* who, at just 20 years old, have developed an emboldened feminist power from which we can draw inspiration.


We’re excited about birthday giveaways!

We have already received a huge birthday gift in advance: A donor* gave us the design and realization of this new website as a gift. Many thanks for that!

At the top of our wish list, however, is still what our founders* wished for: “It is our interest that women* and girls* everywhere in the world get better opportunities and that they can shape their lives in a self-determined way.” So that we can continue to support the projects of and for women* and girls* worldwide, we need your support in the future.


20 years in milestones

2001 filia is founded
2004 office in Hamburg is opened
2007 a major donation enables filia’s rapid growth
2010 the financial crisis hits us hard – funding pause 2011
2012 Girls’ Empowerment Program starts
2014 Work with CAL and LSVD begins: networking LBT activists* in southern Africa
2016 International donor women* trips to Central and Eastern Europe start
2020 Empowerment Program RefugeeWomen* starts
2021 Transformation and generational change



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