The Women’s Funds Model

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Achieving gender equality through feminist philanthropy

Women’s Funds Europe (WFE) is the European chapter of the international women’s network Prospera. In total, this group includes thirteen women’s funds from eleven countries, run by and for women, girls and LBTIQ+. filia has been part of the European chapter since Prospera was founded. Our core values are feminist and based on justice, equality, respect, freedom, and accountability expressed through an intersectional lens. Together, in 2020, our organizations mobilized 29 million euros in 76 countries to support feminist organizations and activists and strengthen women’s movements on the continent and worldwide.

What is the women’s funds model?

Women’s funds take a holistic approach to achieving social change. They combine grantmaking, movement building, fundraising, capacity building, advocacy, and efforts to motivate individuals to support feminist activism.

Women’s funds work with individual activists and groups facing intersectional discrimination. They identify and create opportunities for mutual learning and knowledge sharing. In addition to raising funds to support and strengthen this grassroots work, women’s funds successfully partner with local and international donors.

New report on the women’s funds model published

In order to gain greater visibility for our work, Women’s Funds Europe has published a report on the work of women’s funds. We hope that by giving greater publicity to our work, we will not only be able to generate more funding for the very same. Of course, we also want to inspire other foundations to rethink the way they work and to align themselves more closely with the principles of the women’s funds model.
The report vividly illustrates the various aspects of the women’s funds model. All of the funds in the chapter are each represented with a good practice example. This report is both a success of many years and a hopefully helpful tool for future advocacy work.

Download the report here: Achieving Gender Equality through feminist grantmaking – The Women’s Funds Model.

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