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Sustainable Investment Strategy

filia stands up for social justice for girls and women worldwide. We do so by providing project grants and aspire to follow the same principle when we invest our capital or to at least avoid that the investment contradicts this aim.

  • The most important objective of our investment strategy is to preserve the real value of the endowment fund long term.
  • We also need to achieve an annual return on the investment of our capital (i.e. interests and dividends) to finance the foundation’s on-going activities. We aim for an annual return rate of 3% after cost.
  • To meet this investment objective we use a mix of different assets that currently is defined as follows:
  • 30% shares (individual shares)
  • 40% fixed-interest securities
  • 20% other asset types / participations
  • 10% real estate
  • Assets are selected in accordance with the well-respected sustainability criteria of oekom research and Sustainalytics. These define specific requirements including the exclusion of armament, nuclear energy, biocides, tobacco, serious environmental offenses, human rights’ violations, breach of employment law, corruption etc.
  • As a matter of principle, the investment strategy is focused on keeping the assets long term.
  • The Investment Committee defines and guides the implementation of the investment strategy and regularly checks that the selection criteria are met.
  • The Investment Committee has four members: one member of the Managing Board who chairs the committee (Heike Peper), one asset manager (Markus Widmer), one of filia’s founders (Ise Bosch) and the managing director (Sonja Schelper).
  • Fundamental changes to the investment strategy need to be approved by filia’s Managing Board.

At a glance: filia’s commitment to transparency. filia supports the demand for a more standardised reporting of social organisations expressed by the “Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft” (Initiative for a transparent civil society). Here you can find structural and financial information regarding filia in ten categories: filia’s commitment to transparency.Commitment to transparency