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filia’s structure invites numerous women and girls to participate in discussions and decisions thus ensuring a diverse mix of experiences and perspectives to be heard and considered.

“This high degree of mutual respect  - within the community  of the donors, the project partners, the colleagues of the Foundation Board and the Managing Board, the office and the Girls’ Council  - this culture is for me a – if not – the key to filia’s success and why filia stands out from other organisations.”

Stefanie Hoogklimmer,
Member of the Foundation Board 2008-20016, chair 2012-2016

Once a year every summer, donors, women on the boards and committees and colleagues from the office get together at the annual donors’ meeting. Stories, photos and videos help to bring projects to life. During the meeting successes and challenges are reported on and discussed, plans for the future are developed.
Since 2015, not only the endowment donors but also the other regular supporters of filia have been invited to the annual donors’ meeting. However and in accordance with the statutes of the foundation, only the endowment donors with active voting rights are entitled to elect every three years the seven women who sit on the Foundation Board. The next Foundation Board election will be held in 2019.

The seven women on the Foundation Board set the policies and strategy of the foundation and decide twice a year which projects will be funded.

They are supported in their work by two committees with special expertise:  The “Working Group Central and Eastern Europe” and the Girls’ Council.

The members of the Foundation Board appoint three women who sit on the Managing Board.  The Managing Board acts as filia’s employer. The women on the Managing Board represent the foundation in all contractual and legal matters. They also supervise the implementation of the Foundation Board’s decisions by the office team. The chair of the Managing Board is also a member of filia’s Investment Committee. The Managing Board’s term of office is three years. The next appointment of the women on the Managing Board is due in 2017.

All women and girls on the boards and committees are unpaid volunteers.