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We are filia

filia is a community foundation – with an emphasis on “community“. It unites donors from near and far who come together once a year during the annual donors’ meeting treffen. Darunter sind auch die Stifterinnen. The endowment donors are part of this community. Every three years they elect the women who sit on the  Foundation Board, who then appoint the members of the Managing Board. Since 2012, the filia Girls’ Council co-decides the project grants in Germany. All women and girls on these bodies are unpaid volunteers.

The team in the filia office based in Hamburg implements the resolutions of the Foundation Board and maintains contacts with women organisations and project partners worldwide. They fill the four roles of the foundation as fundraiser, investor, provider of project grants and advocate for women’s rights with life – to drive social change for the benefit of women and girls. Please read our Strategic Plan for 2017-2021!

Since its establishment, filia is part of the global women’s funds’ movement. Transparency is important to us as is an investment policy focused on sustainability that corresponds with filia’s mission (see: Sustainable Investment Strategy).

filia’s events often show how women and girls change the world. Here on our website, we invite you to find out more about women’s and girls’ ability to drive change and ask you to support us in that effort.