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Why women worldwide?

Our mission: As a foundation our role is to provide resources and transform them into activities by women and girls for women and girls worldwide. (Strategic Plan 2017-2021)

The statutory purpose of filia.die frauenstiftung is the active promotion of women and girls. The women's movement has achieved a lot in the last century. But real gender justice is still a long way off in economic, political and cultural terms. We believe that women and girls are far from being able to live their lives on equal terms, free from gender-specific discrimination and violence. In some countries the trend is even downward. This is why filia supports projects in the areas of "participation" and "freedom from violence" in Germany and worldwide.
And the crucial factor is this: Women and girls know for themselves what they need and how they want to change the world. They are experts for their own situation, they develop the ideas, activities and structures to achieve a higher degree of equal opportunities for themselves and all other people. Since its establishment, filia has been able to develop contacts with other women's organisations and to support their activities . We are part of the worldwide women's funds movement and thus pool our strengths.

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