Focus „Our Bodies, Our Rights“

Freedom of violence is a human right

One out of three women experience violence in their lives because of their gender – in all countries of the world. Women and girls who face multiple discrimination have a disproportionately higher risk of experiencing violence.
filia supports organizations that advocate for victims of gender-based violence, advise them and help them win their rights back. filia’s partners carry out important educational work, launch awareness campaigns and fight for changes in the law.

Current Projects in the focus “Our Bodies, Our Rights”

Strategic Grant for the Serbian organisation Roma Center for women and children Daje
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Strategic Grant for a Chechen organisation
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Current Projects in the Focus “Our Bodies, Our Rights”

Strategic Grant for the Serbian organisation Roma Center for women and children Daje

Daje was founded in 2001, and one of its first successful demands was the campaign to establish public transport between the city of Belgrade and the Roma settlements outside the centre. Roma women and girls travelling by foot, were often subjected to sexual assaults, including rape; the introduced local transport ensured that the routes into the city became much safer for Roma women and girls.

A study by Daje shows that 75% of Roma women and girls experience violence in the suburbs of Belgrade and beyond. Daje operates an SOS hotline and gives free legal advice. The organization also supports the reestablishment of Romnja groups in and around Belgrade: each year filia supports, three new groups are to be established. With filia’s multi-year support, the network “United Roma women” is growing, bringing these groups together making networking possible.

Strategic Grant for a Chechen organisation*

Our grantee is the only youth organization working for the rights of girls in the villages of the remote mountainous regions of Chechnya. The activists create safe spaces for women and girls to experience encouragement to shape their own lives and discover new possibilities for themselves. The community of solidarity they experience at these meetings is designed to let them find relief from the enormous pressures their families and society place on them. filia’s multi-year grant is the only stable funding for the project and allows the activists to hold their “Women’s and Girls’ Clubs for Change.”

*Due to security concerns on the part of our partner, we have decided to remove her organization name from our publications.