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Who should benefit from the grants?

“We are particularly committed to women who are not only discriminated because of their gender but also because of their skin colour, their origin or their sexual orientation.”

(Extract from the preamble2001)

The founders of filia defined in the statutes which women and girls should particularly benefit from the foundation’s work – those who suffer from more than one form of discrimination:

Gender PLUS skin colour
Gender PLUS social origin
Gender PLUS age
Gender PLUS sexual orientation
Gender PLUS handicap…
Accordingly, between 2001 and 2015

  • 21.4 percent of filia’s grants were directed at women and girls who are marginalised because of their origin or skin colour.
  • 23 percent at girls and young women
  • 18.2 percent at women projects in rural or structurally weak regions
  • 11.6 percent at lesbian, bi-sexual and trans* women and girls
  • 3 percent at women and girls with a handicap
  • 1.8 percent at projects focused on refugee women and girls

filia can only support registered women and girl associations.