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Apply for a grant

You can apply for the following grants:

Impulse grants: Projects from and for girls and young women in Germany.
Once a year, we fund projects with an amount of up to 5,000 Euros each that empower girls.
The projects should aim to achieve something that helps girls and young women to live free from violence and enables them to contribute to decision making in society.
The proposals will be reviewed and discussed by the girls and young women of the Girls’ Council.
Organisations which are tax exempt and have an annual budget that doesn’t exceed that of filia can apply for a grant.
The deadline for submitting a proposal is 20 February 2018.
As of autumn, you will find here the call for proposals for next year.

Rapid response grants

Women organisations worldwide that are registered as non- profit organisations can apply for a rapid response grant of up to a maximum of 5,000 Euros.
A prerequisite is that the action to be funded is in response to an unforeseen situation.
Applicants need to be known to filia or have a reference of one of filia’s partner organisations.
Within 10 days, filia takes a decision regarding the proposal.
Please send us a simple email outlining your intended actions and describing the unforeseen social situation. Please also indicate how much money you will need for what part of your planned actions.
Excluded are humanitarian help, cancellation fees for activities that were planned a long time in advance (i.e. conferences) and support actions for individuals.

Impulse grants: Open calls for proposals in Central & Eastern Europe

filia regularly initiates open calls for proposals for women organisations in the countries of Central & Eastern Europe.
If a call for proposals is currently on-going, you will find relevant information here.

As a matter of principle, filia doesn’t provide funding for the following: 

  • filia doesn’t support organisations that are managed by men or boys nor do we finance projects that predominantly benefit men and boys.
  • filia doesn’t provide funding for research.
  • filia doesn’t fund the support of individuals, i.e. counselling or therapy, and doesn’t provide any scholarships or travel scholarships.
  • As a matter of principle, filia doesn’t provide means to organisations with a larger annual budget than our own budget (in 2016 the filia budget amounted to around 750,000 Euros). For organisations that are part of a larger umbrella organisation the budget size of the umbrella organisation is the one that counts.

Strategic grants: We don’t accept any proposals for the multi-year grants in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Global South. filia reaches out to partner organisations and invites them to submit a proposal.