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Success Stories

Access to Justice for Women in South Asia

The Legal Fellowship Programme supported by the South Asian Women’s Fund brings 16 women lawyers from different South Asian countries together to support them and build their capacity for feminist lawyering in local courts. They provide free legal advise and support to women survivors of sexual violence and work to improve transparency and accountability for women’s rights in the legal system.

Watch this video by South Asian Women’s Fund:

Challenging the “traditional and indisputable”: Freedom from Violence in Armenia

In every weather activists from Society Without Violence stand in the streets to demand justice for victims of domestic violence. They raise awareness for women’s human rights, claiming that violence against women is NOT a part of tradition.

This video clip on different forms of domestic violence was produced by a network of anti-violence –organisations:

Barefoot Volunteers: women supporting women after the earthquake in Nepal

Tewa, the name of the women’s fund in Nepal, means “support”.  After the earthquake hit in spring 2015 Tewa set out to support women with what they needed most – money for tin roofs, sanitary pads, water cleaning chemicals. Women volunteers go to communities to help in the rebuilding efforts and to strengthen women’s selforganising.

Tewa’s facebook page gives updates on the work on a regular basis: