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Donations and Endowments

"For me making donations and endowments means contibuting with money too to the world becoming a world in which I am happy and glad to live."   Miriam Edding, filia-endowment donor

Sponsorship body

Women and men who would like to support filia regularly – small amounts are welcome too – are cordially invited to join the sponsorship body. The regularity of contributions improves our planning certainty. You can help us particularly by setting up a standing order or issuing authority for direct debiting.

Sponsorship body account:
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG Bochum
IBAN: DE84 4306 0967 0000 0123 04


Endowments are long-term investments. Your endowment contribution increases the foundation capital. The capital is invested to bring sustainable returns. The foundation works with these returns from the capital.
Filia was established in 2001 by nine women as a community foundation. At the end of 2015 there were already 67 endowment donors shouldering filia.

  • for three years, if their endowment contribution amounts to Euro 5,000 as a minimum.
  • for ten years if they make an endowment contribution of Euro 20,000.
  • for life if they make an endowment contribution of more than
    Euro 50,000.

The donors meet in Hamburg once a year. Every three years they elect the foundation council.

Women, who are interested to make an endowment contribution please contact ED Sonja Schelper by email or call her +49 40 380 381 990.

Receipts for donations

You can claim a tax deduction for your donation and your endowment contribution to filia. 
>> more about taxes

For amounts of € 200.00 and more filia will send you a donation receipt/certificate of grant. For amounts below € 200.00 the payment voucher or bank statement serves the tax office as sufficient evidence of your donation. Naturally we are always willing to issue a donation receipt for smaller sums too on request.