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"It is in our interest that women and girls everywhere in the world are given better opportunities and that they can determine their future for themselves."  from filia's preamble

Funding Guidelines: Worldwide Urgent Action Grant

Women’s organizations from all over the world can apply for an urgent action grant of up to € 5000, provided that they meet certain conditions.
We support political interventions that promote structural change for the benefit of women and girls.
Recognized charitable women’s and girls’ organizations are eligible to apply.
We accept applications any time (in German and English only)

filia is able to fund projects that fulfill the following criteria:

  • The action is a response to an unexpected social situation
  • The action is urgent, meaning it must start within the following three months
  • Your organization is directed by women; or it can verify that women are in leading positions for this project
  • The intervention is part of a long-term strategy to change social structures with follow-up strategies planned that are financially feasible
  • Your organization is a recognized charitable association
  • If filia accepts your request for an application, your organization should ideally provide a reference from one of filia’s partners (for example a women’s foundation in the International Network of Women’s Funds,

filia is unfortunately not able to support the following activities:

  • Direct humanitarian help and services (such as counseling or therapy)
  • Costs for activities that can be planned over a longer period of time (such as conferences)
  • Safety measures for activists (for this, please contact:
  • Awareness-raising campaigns regarding long-term problems
  • Training programs for establishing and maintaining businesses
  • Individuals and personal situations of need
  • Academic, research, art, and cultural projects
  • Gaps in the budget of long-term projects (for example due to loss of a source of funding)
  • Projects managed by men and/or boys
  • filia does not provide scholarships or travel grants!

How to apply:

Please write an informal request, describing your project in twenty sentences. Clearly state how we can contact your organization as well as the following:
1) project title,
2) description of the project,
3) description of the special social situation (what happened unexpectedly?),
4) explanation of why an urgent response is necessary (and when), and
5) statement of how much money you require (and what for).
Send this request by email to: s.genthe(at)filia-frauenstiftung(dot)de
Within fourteen days you will receive an answer regarding whether your project is eligible to apply for a grant.
Only then will we need extensive information from you and will ask you more detailed questions.

Selection process:

The applications are reviewed by filia employees and the filia board. If your application for the grant is approved, funding will be transferred immediately.

Last updated: May 1, 2012